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Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character. -Henry Clay
About Flanigan.net

Flanigan.net is an on-again/off-again home / personal endeavor, not a professional one. We ran for several years from 2003-2006 and have just started up again late 2014. This is more of a hobby for me than anything else, and has the pleasant side effect of allowing me to keep my hands in technology. I was told a while back by one of my mentors that if I wanted to continue to keep my family in the manner in which they had become accustomed, and continue to grow my income, I must put aside my screwdriver. He was right, mostly, but I can still tinker. The 3 Flanigan.net servers primarly provide Mail for my domains, DNS for my domains, and web hosting for flanigan.net.

My servers are hosted by the excellent team at Linode.

Flanigan.net CPU Loading

The flanigan.net servers are under no real load - call it space for future expansion. Summary CPU utilization for the 3 servers is below.

ns1.flanigan.net (Atlanta, GA)

Detailed Utilization data is also available here.

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