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Flanigan.net Spam Page (formally Dave's Spam Sux Page) returns:

SPAM, in the a internet sense is the sending of a mass number of unsolicited message with the intent of forcing a message or advertisement upon a less than receptive audience. It is the digital equivalent of telemarketing while calling collect and it is estimated that some 94 Billion SPAM messages are sent every day at a cost of $20 Billion USD. I have gone the spectrium from a full on anti-spam program in 2006, to relying on Gmail filters, and now back to doing some of my own filtering. Spammers are smart and as they adapt, so do I. This page is dedicated to SPAM statistics for Flanigan.net.

Flanigan.net Current Month Spam Stats

The Following stats reflect the effectiveness of our primary SPAM defense. We primarily use SpamAssassin to scan incoming messages for spam.

The Following stats reflect the effectiveness of DNS RBLs deployed on the Flanigan.net mail servers. A high percentage of spam seems to go to the non-primary servers, perhaps as a way to bypass SPAM filters. These RBLs help thin out the spam messages and save processing time later in the process.

Previous months stats, starting in March, 2006, are available here.

Flanigan.net Lifetime Spam Stats

From its inception in March, 2006 until January, 2017 Flanigan.net has procesed the following mail volumes:
  • Total E-mail messages received: 6.
  • Of those 6 messages we identified 6 messages (96.32%) as SPAM.
  • The remaining 234 messages were processed and delivered as HAM (i.e. not spam)
The average spam had a SpamAssassin score of 45.84,
The average HAM message had a SpamAssassin score of 33.21

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