Dave's Anti-Spam Page Old Spam Logs

These are archived stats for the last day of Aug, 2006.
They where captured on Fri Sep 1 00:10:01 EDT 2006
These Spam Stats where generated for Flanigan.net primary mail server.

Total E-mail Messages Received so far this month: 31,940.
Of those 31,940 messages we identified 27,954 messages (87.50%) as SPAM.
Spam Caught at MX1: 6,937, Spam caught at MX2: 21,017

The remaining 3,986 messages where processed and delevered as HAM.

On the Spamassassin Socring Scale, the average HAM message had a score of 7.85.
On the Spamassassin Socring Scale, the average SPAM message had a score of 27.79.

    DNSBL performance:
  • Open Relay Database Hits for Aug: 443 (MX1: 350 MX2: 93)
  • DSBL Hits for Aug: 205,193 (MX1: 107,817 MX2: 97,376)
  • NJABL Hits for Aug: 819,240 (MX1: 446,695 MX2: 372,545)
  • Total DBSBL Hits for Aug: 1,024,876 (MX1: 554,862 MX2: 470,014)

Lastly, we identified and removed 107 occurances of Referrer Spam this month.

Copyright by David Flanigan, 2006.