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Tools Page
This is the return (or re-return) of the Network Tools Page. I will likely add to this page as I get the urge to script. Please remember that these tools are for testing and troubleshooint purpose. If they are abused I will selectivelly block access to them, or remove them altogether.

If you find these tools usefull, please let me know. If you have any suggestions for new tools, please let me know that too.

Both of the Multi-tools forms are powered by this perl script. Feel free to use it and abuse it. Please send any improvements back to me.

Multi Purpose Tool (From in Atlanta, GA USA)

Multi Purpose Tool (From in London, England UK)

Multi Purpose Tool (From in Tokyo, Japan)

More Advanced ping, with some basic options.
Enter Destination (Fully Qualified Host Name or IP Address) :

Number of ICMP packets to send (Between 1 and 50 pings):

Packet Interval in seconds (Between 0.4 and 3 seconds):

Preload Packets if any (between 1 and 3) :

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